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So apparently I adore Rami Malek now. I love everything his face chooses to be, which is mainly beautiful. I spent today watching Band of Brothers and think I have to conclude that possibly I am starting to like The Pacific more. I'm still incredibly shocked that there were no actor nominations for anyone on The Pacific. I think Joe Mazzello and Rami Malek turned in incredible performances. Anyway I picspammed Sledge a while back and now it's Snafu's turn.

Also, if any of my US flist would help me out and buy this & ship it to me, I'd obviously paypal you the money but will not ship it outside the US. I'd be very, very grateful.

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his face!

Mar. 20th, 2011 10:04 pm
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I am rapidly becoming more enamoured with The Pacific. I think actually it's more comparable with Generation Kill than Band of Brothers. I know it got like, 24 Emmy nominations and won lots but I don't really understand how it didn't get any acting nominations. Joe Mazzello really deserved one, his transformation from naive boy to hardened killer is just so incredible. His face is so amazing, and pretty.

Sledgehammer (images from 1x05 - 1x10) )
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I have been meaning to do a massive Hair picspam mostly because the cast is insanely gorgeous. This consists mainly of the new Broadway cast and the London cast but there are bits of the Park cast as well. Pics are from google, tumblr and flickr.

oh say can you see my eyes, if you can then my hair's to short )
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I've adored Alex Jennings for a very long time but hadn't ever managed to catch him on stage until I saw The Habit of Art recently and he was well worth the wait. I think he's just so adorable and witty and ridiculously attractive. You'll note there's a lot of caps in this picspam where he's leaning on things just because I think he does it so splendidly. He's so long and lanky looking, he's 6'2" so I approve of that immensely.

I give to you the first part of a long picspam. All images in this picspam are from Fairy Tales: Rapunzel.

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I decided I was going to picspam some Party Animals and so I'm starting with episode one. This is more an Andrew Buchan, Shelley Conn and Matt Smith spam but whatever.

Spoilers (of the massive kind) for episode 1 )
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I've been going through a serious Andrew Buchan phase and so I've rewatched Party Animals which I adore. I love Matt Smith in it, I love Andrea Riseborough, Racquel Cassidy and Pip Carter but most of all I love Andrew Buchan and Shelley Conn. I love Ashika Chandiramani and Scott Foster, I wish there'd been a second season so they could've had some closure. So I've decided to picspam one of my favourite moments from them. They're so adorable together, they dance to A-ha, they mock each others politics, they give each other a heads up on dirty campaigns and they're just so perfect together. Shelley and Andrew have ridiculous amounts of chemistry and look stunning together.

Spoilers for Scott and Ashika's storyline )

TV in 2009

Dec. 30th, 2009 11:22 pm
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For [ profile] picspammy. For a full list of the TV I've watched over this year see my listography and also my 2009 scrapbook

My previous 2009 roundups:


And my end of the decade picspam:

British TV of the past decade

If I've got time tomorrow I'll try and do a 'these are the beautiful people of 2009' post but I don't know if I'll manage.

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For [ profile] picspammy. I'm planning on accompanying this with memorable performances/moments etc but I don't think I'll crosspost that to there so if anyone does want to see that just let me know and I'll make sure it's public and let you know when it's posted.

Theatre from 2009: some spoilers for a couple of production moments in Red and for the end of The Pitmen Painters. )
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For [ profile] picspammy this is my films of 2009.

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Ok so I'm starting my end of year round up. I'm starting with books. I love reading but after uni where you're just reading around the clock I kind of stopped reading a lot. This year I decided to change that and swore I'd try and read as often as I could. I've not managed a great deal of books but it's a huge amount compared to 2008. In 2010 I'm going to try and do that 50 books in a year thing.

Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend, inside a dog it's too dark to read. )

Finally, what books should be on my 'to read in 2010' list?
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For the end of the decade picspam at [ profile] picspammy I've decided to do my favourite British TV of the past decade. Some of these may be co-produced with other countries but for the most part they are British.

British TV of the past decade )
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Normally no-one ever responds to these but what the hell, throwing it out there.

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Ok so here it is:

Went down to London with [ profile] thedreamygirl and then met up with [ profile] karaadora and wandered around nattering because Kara had to leave. It was starting to rain so I headed to the Donmar to shelter there, it was about 6.25. The actors walked past and I flailed a little and then Stark went past and was stopped outside the door by two chaps who chatted to him and got him to sign things. I figured I could go outside and see if maybe I could catch him but wouldn't be surprised/bothered if I couldn't. He was sooo nice with these chaps though. They took 1 photo with him and then tried to take the next and the camera wouldn't work - like 4 times! Stark just stood there happily trying to help. He started to turn away and I put my hand out and mumbled 'excuse me'. He turned round, and he really is astonishingly pretty and tall. I forget how tall he is what with him standing next to the mountain of Skarsgard. Anyway the conversation went something like this:

Me - I actually don't have anything for you to sign (thrust my sharpie and ticket at him) because you can't sign this (aforementioned ticket) as it'll void it. (cue Stark looking a little bemused) But I just wanted to say that you were incredible in Generation Kill. (breaths sigh of relief)
Stark - Thank you. (I turn to go back inside) What's your name?
Me - Elsie? (starting to shake a little)
Stark - (puts out hand to shake mine and makes direct eye contact) Thank you so much Elsie, it means so much to hear that (words to that effect, the shaking and lack of breathing made things quite fuzzy now).
Me - I'm excited about tonight. Thank you.
Stark - Me too, it's been great talking to you.
Me - Me too. (Did I mention the lightheadedness?!) (I leave, he leaves)

I was shaking so badly. I don't stage door a whole lot, only if it's someone I seriously admire or a performer blew my mind but all my stage door experiences have been good and downright awesome in some cases, Damian Humbley! I've had great fan meet moments at Cons and panels etc but I swear I've never ever had a stage door/con experience like that. It was the fact he took the time to ask a name and make eye contact and seemed so genuine. It was wonderful.

Inside the theatre I had a great seat and it wound up being directly behind Stark's girlfriend, who is English btw. Anyway he comes back in and sits next to her, cue me suddenly finding the ceiling of the Donmar seriously interesting - I may be a fangirl but I have boundaries. She was objectively pretty I guess, but they seemed from the bits I couldn't help overhear and unfortunately saw in my peripheral vision, absolutely adorable together. He kept smiling at her during the show and she was telling the guy next to her that Stark was her bf and was just soooo cute about it.

Fugitive Kind and this production of Streetcar have totally convinced me of Tennesse Williams' awesome. Claire Foy and Stark were my favourites, they were both phenomenal and seemed to be the two who were acting most, not that everyone else wasn't but when they were on stage it felt like a 'real' play not a rehearsed reading. I have finally seen Con O'Neill on stage!

All in all a really good night.

Today I got back to York and then had a job interview - no idea how it went, was shockingly under prepared though. Then went to see District 9 with Jen. It was amazing. I liked it a lot.

ETA: I totally forgot to say, as I was coming out of the loo at the end of the night the woman who arranged it all was talking to Stark about definitely contacting him future again and he was sounding v. enthused about coming back to London.

Also, if anyone from the UK wants a freebie try of Graze, then here's a code for you: DLBWQTMN. I've got some seriously yummy things from them, Korean Chilli Rice Crackers, Dairy Free Chocolate Beans, Dried Apple.
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I don't think Poke gets enough love so I'm picspamming him now. This contains pics from Get Some to Combat Jack and there'll be a follow up with the rest of the episodes.

Poke )

Today, despite the fact I was going to try to contain it, I kept getting randomly excited over Fugitive Kind. STARK! NIGEL! CON!!!!


Aug. 29th, 2009 09:07 pm
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The penultimate part of my Generation Kill picspam. Episode 6 - Stay Frosty.

Better now )
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The fifth part of my Generation Kill picspam.

At least my Mom took me to NASCAR )
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Part four of my Generation Kill picspam. This is episode four, Combat Jack.

Combat Jack )


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