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Dec. 30th, 2009 11:22 pm
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For [ profile] picspammy. For a full list of the TV I've watched over this year see my listography and also my 2009 scrapbook

My previous 2009 roundups:


And my end of the decade picspam:

British TV of the past decade

If I've got time tomorrow I'll try and do a 'these are the beautiful people of 2009' post but I don't know if I'll manage.

The TV I've loved this year.

Studio 60* ● Shakespeare Re:Told - Macbeth ● Shakespeare Re:Told - Much Ado About Nothing* ● State of Play* ● Shameless* ● Leverage ● Britannia High* ● Demons ● Party Animals* ● Criminal Minds* ● Spaced* ● Wonderfalls* ● Arrested Development* ● Green Wing* ● Jeeves and Wooster* ● Absolutely Fabulous* ● How I Met Your Mother* ● Robin Hood * ● The Big Bang Theory ● Slings and Arrows* ● Castle ● Ashes to Ashes* ● Whitechapel ● Cambridge Spies* ● All The Small Things ● Lewis* ● New Tricks* ● Criminal Justice - Ben ● PBS Great Performances: In The Heights, Chasing Broadway Dreams ● Kitchen Confidential* ● Veronica Mars* ● The Mentalist ● Mock the Week* ● The Black Donnellys ● Sports Night* ● Merlin* ● In Plain Sight** ● M*A*S*H** ● Band of Brothers* ● Primeval ● Jane Eyre ● Community ● Miranda

The best TV 3 current shows of the year**.

Friday Night Lights* ● This is one of the best, if not the best, dramas ever. It is so incredibly realistic. The characters all have their strengths and their flaws. They interact as if they were real human beings not just plot points, so sometimes there'll be a scene that in no way drives the story or contributes to events but just allows you to feel for these characters. It's a very brave show to do that. Season 4 has been incredible. It's taken a whole new bunch of kids and made you care about them the way you did with the Panthers. It has not made them Smash point 2 or Matt redux. It's made them new and fresh. I think The Son and Stay have got to be two of the most incredible episodes of TV ever. How this show hasn't won every award possible I do not know.
Beautiful People* ● This show makes me laugh and cry. It's so ridiculous at times and then so incredibly touching at others. The cast are fantastic and have such fabulous chemistry. I love all the little musical numbers. It's just so fresh, funny and sweet.
Generation Kill ● Gorgeous cinematography, phenomenal cast. I find it really hard to write about Gen Kill the TV show because you can't really say things like 'incredible story' or 'great characters' because it's real, they're not characters in the strictest sense. The adaptation of the book to TV though is superb, it makes you really care about all these men, even the ones who are arseholes 90% of the time. It breaks your heart one moment and then makes you laugh hysterically the next. It's sheer perfection.

** It was so hard to narrow down my favourite shows so I decide to list all the shows I've loved and then do the 3 top current shows, by current I mean they aired this year, so that helped me narrow it down. It meant that Jane Eyre was out etc etc, which was helpful. OMG I watch too much TV - although I was unemployed for most of this year.

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