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I have been meaning to do a massive Hair picspam mostly because the cast is insanely gorgeous. This consists mainly of the new Broadway cast and the London cast but there are bits of the Park cast as well. Pics are from google, tumblr and flickr.

Some general show pics first of all:

Allison Case. I've said it before and I'll say it again Allison is basically the personification of light and beauty and all that is good in the world. I'm so glad it's her on the posters because it really couldn't be anyone else, she's the literal representation of Hair.

She is just so pretty and I love her hair colour (even if it isn't natural), I wish I could go that ginger.

Do you see how adorable and dorky she is? Seriously I want Allison as my BFF.

Singing If I Fell in Love with You at the British Be-In, so beautiful.

Kacie Sheik. I love this woman's voice it is so different and stunning. Also, her hair is amazing!

Singing Daydreamer at Joe's Pub. I want this woman's style so badly!

Andrew Kober. I love this man so much. His blogs make me so happy. He's really funny and intelligent. He's gorgeous, and sooooo nice at the stage door. His voice is phenomenal, he is fierce! Plus he plays Don't Stop Believing on Rockband at his concert!

Singing Twentysomething at Koberet.

Just Choose Right by Bobby Cronin - his voice in this blows my mind!

Matt DeAngelis. I have MUCH love for Matt. He's just so pretty and watching him perform is a joy, he's so energetic and present. Plus his voice is gorgeous.

The Old Red Hills of Home from At This Performance.

He's so riffy and awesome. Lost in the Wilderness from Children of Eden.

All At Once - I love this song and his voice is so pretty on this.

Megan Reinking. I really wanted to see Megan!Sheila mostly because Caissie doesn't do anything for me as Sheila and I just wanted to see anyone else but Megan was so superior I am now in love with Megan!Sheila. I adore Megan, she's so cute and lovely and stunning, her hair is so marvellous!

She breaks my heart during this song, it's beautiful.

Pretty voice!

The Tribe. Oh my God this cast. The love they have for each other is ridiculous. I really didn't think I could adore a cast more than the In The Heights OBC but I think the Tribe have just inched ahead. They are so phenomenally talented and utterly gorgeous.

Anthony Hollock with Allison Case, Sasha and others at Summer of Love, Ato Blankson-Wood & Allison, Ato and John Moauro.

Allison & Maya Sharpe, the cast at Summer of Love, Allison & Andrew, Allison and Kaitlin Kiyan.

Matt & Allison, Sasha Allen, Steel Burkhardt, Hannah Shankman with Darius Nichols.

Yes ok these are included because Matt is shirtless! Gavin Creel in that last pic.

Allison, Caissie Levy and Anthony, Caissie & Gavin (such an adorable pic), Gavin & Steel, the Tribe at West End Live.

The Tribe at West End Live, all looking very hot!

Jonathan Groff was Claude in the Park, and Patina Miller was as well so now with them being over in London for Deathtrap and Sister Act is a HUGE Hair reunion.

So much love in this Tribe.

And again these are here because Matt is hot.

Hellooo Mr Creel.

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