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I decided I was going to picspam some Party Animals and so I'm starting with episode one. This is more an Andrew Buchan, Shelley Conn and Matt Smith spam but whatever.

Fiercest bunch of researchers/interns ever y/y? I love Matt, I don't think Matt gets enough love.

Yes, there is going to be a lot of Danny in this picspam; he's so adorable and dorky and yet ruthless and cunning when he wants to be.

Awww Danny and Scott you are so dorky together. I love the chemistry between Andrew and Matt.

Oh Matt you're an evil one but I guess that's politics, right?

I love Shelley in that cap she just looks so pretty even with her mouth agape. I ship Danny/Jo by the way, there's so much sexual tension with them. Even though it's not in these caps I adore the high five between Matt and James.

Andrew Buchan has such a pretty cupid's bow. I appreciate the fact they made you care about Jake and Scott's friendship so that the end of the episode actually matters. Matt Smith working the glasses there.

Again not in these caps but I really like what Matt's doing with the glasses cloth in this scene; how he keeps wringing it between his fingers it's a really nice touch. I hate Sophie she's such a cow.

I love Andrew's little smirks and smiles, his entire face lights up - lovely!

I put that first cap in their because I love how his hand spans the bowl. SMILEY! I love that Danny gets depressed and watches TV upside down.

I adore Scott's little smirk in the last cap.

The Foster brothers' banter is so precious.

He's so happy when she sits down because she's so pretty and then when she leaves he's so happy cos she's sassy and smart. How gorgeous does Shelley look?

Oh James, I really like James despite him fucking up my OTP.

Kirsty is so conniving and sneaky at the start, I mean she's not much better at the end but she has grown a bit. Why yes Andrew Buchan you are gorgeous.

They're such an attractive couple both have great smiles.

Again it's not in these caps but I love Ashika's little hipcheck of Matt's shoulder, they're such awesome bffs.

I love how earnest Danny is about the bond. He genuinely thinks it's a great idea and that it can help everyone not just young people wanting to change their lives. That second cap is pure pornography: lips, fingers, bottle.

Love the shirt Scott is wearing, his collarbones are so pretty Yay for bi-partisan filth.

Poor Danny, Jo loves him really.

Oh poor Danny, Scott mocks you mercilessly.

Aww bless, look how sad he looks with his ready salted crisps. This scene is very much why I ship Jo/Danny. They have such fabulous chemistry.
Pretty Shelley!!! Pretty Shelley and Andrew, seriously Ashika and Scott are so lovely with each other.

That reaction shot breaks me. In fact this whole ending kills me. He breaks down so beautifully. I really like how he pushes he away and asks for Danny.

Danny crying and Scott crying and Ashika just so sad for them both and so sad for Scott especially thinking it's his fault. The parallels between the end of this episode and the end of the last are so perfect.

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