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I've been going through a serious Andrew Buchan phase and so I've rewatched Party Animals which I adore. I love Matt Smith in it, I love Andrea Riseborough, Racquel Cassidy and Pip Carter but most of all I love Andrew Buchan and Shelley Conn. I love Ashika Chandiramani and Scott Foster, I wish there'd been a second season so they could've had some closure. So I've decided to picspam one of my favourite moments from them. They're so adorable together, they dance to A-ha, they mock each others politics, they give each other a heads up on dirty campaigns and they're just so perfect together. Shelley and Andrew have ridiculous amounts of chemistry and look stunning together.

Such an intense way to start them off. I think Buchan does breaking down crying so well and Shelley just looks so pretty in that picture. The third picture is there so you can admire Andrew's long, elegant fingers and the fourth because he just looks so cute and smiley.

The looks they share! They've got eye-fucking down to an art. This is one of my favourite moments, actually both my favourite Ashika/Scott moments are when they're dancing.

Shelley looks so stunning in this scene and they just fit perfectly and look gorgeous together. I love her hand on his chest, and how close they are and how inappropriate it is that they're that close together at that particular event. Ugh, your bi-partisan love is epic!

First one is in there because a) I love Shelley's hair and b) she looks so pretty in profile. Aww moping Scott, that's actually out of chronological order, I think but still Andrew Buchan's arms!!!
FINALLY!!! (only not really, alas) I adore the way he's resting his head on her and how happy he is in this scene. Look at them together in that last cap, how has this couple gone so far under the fandom radar?! I positively ache for fic and icons of them!
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