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For [ profile] picspammy this is my films of 2009.

Films I Saw At The Cinema

Twilight ● Bride Wars ● Underworld: Rise of the Lycans ● Seven Pounds ● The Pink Panther 2 ● Gran Torino ● The International ● Marley and Me ● Monsters vs Aliens ● 17 Again ● Crank: High Voltage ● I Love You, Man ● Terminator: Salvation ● The Hangover ● Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ● (500) Days of Summer ● Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ● Dorian Gray ● Inglorious Basterds ● Zombieland ● An Education ● New Moon

Top 20 Films I Saw At The Cinema

The Fall ● Gorgeous cinematography, fabulous storytelling and that little girl is so cute. I cried.
Frost Nixon ● I'm so sorry for Michael that all the acting nominations went to Frank. I love this film so much. It's so exciting - yes, I'm a huge nerd!
Slumdog Millionaire ● Even though it's unrelenting horror it somehow manages to be ridiculously uplifting and makes you feel really good. I think because Jamal endures so much and still maintains his dignity and hope. The score is amazing!
Milk ● I've always found Sean Penn a bit overrated but in this he was fantastic. It was such an uplifting movie and I cried so much at the end. Harvey Milk was an incredible man.
Confessions of a Shopaholic ● This was sooo good. I read the book a very long time ago and honestly couldn't tell you anything about the book but the film was fabulous. Hugh was charming and hot. Isla was fantastically funny and sweet. It was hilarious and actually rather touching.
The Young Victoria ● This was such a feast for the eyes. It was so pretty. I know it took a few liberties with the truth but it was such a romantic and understated story. Rupert was lovely.
The Boat That Rocked ● So funny. Great score. Amazing cast. I know Richard Curtis has written basically one film and keeps retooling it but I don't care it's a damn good film!
In The Loop ● Peter Capaldi is a genius. It saddens me he won't ever get any nominations for this. I (and the entire cinema) was in hysterics.
Star Trek ● This was perfection. The cast, the cinematography, the score. I loved how it made you cry from the first moment and didn't hold up until the very end.
Some Like It Hot ● I've seen this before obviously but our cinema shows old movies and I just had to see this one on the big screen. It was fabulous. I have such a crush on Jack Lemmon. I love the ending.
Sunshine Cleaning ● This is one of those great films where not a lot happens but it's such a beautiful character study. Amy and Emily were marvellous.
Moon ● Wow this was wonderful. Sam Rockwell was amazing - he should really be nominated for an Oscar but he won't be because it's a small indie film. I thought the actual storytelling for this was so compelling and kept me guessing till the end.
The Proposal ● I love Sandra Bullock. This was hilarious and sweet and Sandra and Ryan had tonnes of chemistry.
The Blues Brothers ● Again, I've obviously seen this before but it was an opportunity to see it on the big screen. It was even funnier than I remember it being. I find Dan Ackroyd ridiculously attractive.
District 9 ● Finally a film where aliens don't think America is all that. It couldn't really have worked anywhere better than South Africa. This was such an interesting look at the tired old alien premise. I thought the acting was marvellous and I got very sniffley at points.
Up ● OH MY GOD! This film actually lived up to it's hype. I cried soooo much from the first few moments. It was so uplifting and sweet and charming.
Taking Woodstock ● This is on my top 20 mostly because of how pretty it was. I mean the story and acting were great but really it was just a gorgeous film to watch.
Me and Orson Welles ● This is one of those films that's just so uplifting and enjoyable. I thought Christian was amazing, as was Zac and Ben Chaplin. Such a sweet, engaging story with some humour and a lot of heart.
Where the Wild Things Are ● Again another incredibly beautiful film. I think everyone should watch this film. It's such a beautiful story about what it means to grow up. The boy playing Max (I think his name is Max too?) was amazing. Oh, and the score?!?! Holy hell it's lovely!
Glorious 39 ● The cast is astonishingly good. Romola is gorgeous - nothing to do with the merits of the film but completely worth saying. This was such a great story - so interesting to see a different type of 'war' film. Awfully disturbing and creepy and yet completely gripping.

Films I'm Hoping To See Before 2010

● Nowhere Boy
● Sherlock Holmes
● Avatar

These aren't in my list because I don't know if I will get round to seeing them before the end of the year and I wanted to get this picspam done as I've still got masses more to catalogue for my year end posts!

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