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For the end of the decade picspam at [ profile] picspammy I've decided to do my favourite British TV of the past decade. Some of these may be co-produced with other countries but for the most part they are British.

The Thick of It (2005) | Peter Capaldi, Joanna Scanlan, James Smith, Chris Addison | Sheer genius. Malcolm Tucker is possibly the best bastard ever.
Outnumbered (2007) | Claire Skinner, Hugh Dennis, Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche, Ramona Marquez | Possibly the most realistic TV series ever! These children are real children. They say the utterly random shit that children do. I love that most of the improvs come from the kids. Plus, Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner - love them!
New Tricks (2003) | Amanda Redman, Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman, James Bolam | I love how this show is basically a big two fingers up to the Beeb. They wanted to cancel it because it didn't fit their 'what we want our demographic to be' thing and now it's incredibly successful. Amanda Redman is brilliant. This show makes me cry, laugh and doesn't have to insult my intelligence to do so.
Merlin (2008) | Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath | Ridiculous, shameless fun. I adore all the actors. The score is gorgeous and one day I believe they will get a new special effect for 'monster go boom'.

Foyle's War (2002) | Michael Kitchen, Anthony Howell, Honeysuckle Weeks, Julian Ovenden | One of my favourite crime dramas ever. Anthony Howell is just so lovely. Michael Kitchen is fabulous, he's so subtle and nuanced. Julian Ovenden and Honeysuckle Weeks provide a lot of eye candy. Oh and Honeysuckle kicks ass as a female character.
Doctor Who (2005) | Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate | Nine is still my Doctor and yes I am sick and tired of Rose now but Donna made me so happy, the whole of S4 did really.
Life On Mars (2006) | John Simm, Philip Glenister, Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster Sheer brilliance. I loved how it kept you guessing till the last moment. Incredible soundtrack too.
Ashes to Ashes (2008) | Keeley Hawes, Philip Glenister, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster, Montserrat Lombard | Haters to the left. I love Keeley so so much. I adored this show. S1 was better than S2 though, purely for the fact it had Stephen Campbell Moore. The photography in this show was just mouthwateringly good.

Beautiful People (2008) | Samuel Barnett, Olivia Colman, Luke Ward-Wilkinson, Layton Williams, Aidan McArdle | How is no-one else on my flist watching this?!?! It's wonderful. It's hilarious and I find myself going 'OMG I remember that' or 'Oh I used to do that!' and then I feel old.
Black Books (2000) | Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Tamsin Greig Oh c'mon, it's Black Books how could it not be on the list.
'Do you think I should wash my beard?'
'I think you should, yeah. You should wash your beard, then shave it off, nail it to a Frisbee and fling it over a rainbow.'
Tamsin is such a perfect complement to Dylan and Bill.
Cambridge Spies (2003) | Rupert Penry-Jones, Tom Hollander, Toby Stephens, Samuel West | Oh boys! This mini is epic. I find the real events/people fascinating anyway but with these boys playing them I just go to pieces.
Spooks (2002) | Keeley Hawes, Matthew MacFadyen, Peter Firth, Hermione Norris, Richard Armitage | From the moment this show put Lisa Faulkner's head in a deep fat fryer I've been hooked, even when it's been less than stellar and it's characterisation has made me bang my head against the nearest available surface. When it's good it's very very good. When it's bad, well... there's always Richard Armitage. (still haven't watched the last 2 eps though - don't spoil me)

Coupling (2000) | Gina Bellman, Jack Davenport, Ben Miles, Richard Coyle, Sarah Alexander, Kate Isitt | I'm so sick of people who say this show is misogynistic. It's unflattering to everyone but it's not untruthful. It's exaggerated for comedic effect - why is that so hard to understand?!?! Plus: giggle loop!
Green Wing (2004) | Julian Rhind-Tutt, Michelle Gomez, Mark Heap, Tamsin Greig, Oliver Chris, Stephen Mangan | It's like an acid trip, or something. Hilarious. An insanely amazing cast as well.
Lewis (2006) | Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Rebecca Front | I miss Morse. This helps though. Lewis/Hathaway is so shippable. I love the nods back to John and Morse. I just really enjoy a crime drama that isn't utterly mindless.
Criminal Justice (2008) | Ben Whishaw, Con O'Neill, Bill Paterson, Pete Postlethwaite, David Harewood | Soooo good. Really impressive - made me remember why I still give a shit about paying my TV license. Fantastic cast with Ben knocking it out of the park as per usual.

All The Small Things (2008) | Bryan Dick, Sarah Lancashire, Neil Pearson, Sarah Alexander, Richard Fleeshman, Annette Badland, Clive Rowe | WHY ARE YOU CANCELLED?!?! WHY?! I <3 Sarah so very much. I thought Esther/Jake was such an adorable pairing and it was refreshing to see an older woman/younger man scenario.
Jane Eyre (2006) | Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens, Andrew Buchan, Tara Fitzgerald, Lorraine Ashbourne, Pam Ferris | *flails* This adaptation was perfection. It's up there with Pride and Prejudice (1995) and North and South. Rochester has never seemed worthy of Jane before but with Toby's flirty, gruff Edward he did. Ruth was so lovely. Rob Lane worked his magic with the score and the cinematography was gorgeous.
Whitechapel (2009) | Rupert Penry-Jones, Philip Davis, Alex Jennings, Steve Pemberton | This should not have been watched when I was by myself in a dark house. I was terrified. It genuinely kept me guessing till well, almost the end. Rupert and Philip were fab together.
Blackpool (2004) | David Tennant, Sarah Parrish, David Morrissey, Thomas Morrison, Bryan Dick | Such an enjoyable show. Really dark and yet funny and just ... enjoyable!

State of Play (2003) | John Simm, Bill Nighy, David Morrissey, James McAvoy, Amelia Bullmore, Kelly Macdonald, Philip Glenister | Do not even speak to me about the film version. Everyone is perfect. I know the ending is a tiny bit weak but it doesn't matter because it's just so utterly compelling.
The IT Crowd (2006) | Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson | It's so funny and now I work opposite the IT department - very very true!
The Devil's Whore (2008) | Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Andrew Riseborough, John Simm, Peter Capaldi, Tom Goodman-Hill | This was fabulous. The cast was incredible - Peter Capaldi was outstanding. It was so lush to watch as well.
Teachers (2001) | Andrew Lincoln, Navin Chowdhry, Raquel Cassidy, Nina Sosanya | I love Teachers. Simon and Susan forever!

Robin Hood (2006) | Jonas Armstrong, Joe Armstrong, Toby Stephens, David Harewood, Harry Lloyd, Sam Troughton, Richard Armitage | It's ridiculous, utterly stupid and most of the time it's painful to watch but it has the redeeming factors of: Joe Armstrong, Harry Lloyd, Sam Troughton with bonus Richard Armitage, Toby Stephens and David Harewood. I love Will/Allan - in my mind they eloped and lived happily ever after.
Miranda (2009) | Miranda Hart, Tom Ellis, Patricia Hodge, Sarah Hadland | Miranda Hart is awesome. Tom Ellis is awesome. Patricia Hodge is awesome. Do you see where I'm going with this? It's completely slapstick, obvious comedy but it's so funny and I do a lot of the things that Miranda does. Which is worrying I suppose.
Party Animals (2007) | Andrew Buchan, Shelley Conn, Andrea Riseborough, Matt Smith, Patrick Baladi, Raquel Cassidy | Politics + awesome actors = almost a British West Wing, only more depressing.
North and South (2004) | Daniela Denby-Ashe, Richard Armitage, Sinead Cusack, Tim Pigott-Smith, Brendan Coyle | Perfection. Richard's 'Look back, look back at me' breaks my heart and umm... makes me faint with lust. I want the score for this to be released soooo much!

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