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I don't think Poke gets enough love so I'm picspamming him now. This contains pics from Get Some to Combat Jack and there'll be a follow up with the rest of the episodes.

Some things:

→ I don't think Poke or Jon Huertas get enough love. Why is there not more BFF Colbert/Poke fic?! Where are the Jon picspams?! WHERE?!
→ It took me a while to warm to Poke but when I did he became a firm favourite.
→ I love that Brad pulled strings to get him into Recon Marines.
→ I love how upfront he is about everything.
→ I can't really say why I love him so much. He's not really the moral centre and yet he seems most aware of what they're doing and the consequences of it.
→ He breaks my heart so many times and cracks me up so many more.

Credits: screencaps by [ profile] peopleareshapes & [ profile] the_grynne, script from [ profile] oxoniensis

Today, despite the fact I was going to try to contain it, I kept getting randomly excited over Fugitive Kind. STARK! NIGEL! CON!!!!
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