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Some things:

→ This episode is also one of my favourites and it's so epic this is pretty long.
→ I love Colbert's smile after Ray's 'I've written USA with my piss' moment. It's adorable.
→ I love the whole King of the Road segment, Pawel ♥
→ I'm so pleased that Ray's pimp glasses saw the end of the invasion.
→ Eric Ladin does the best WTF?! faces.
→ Without his Kevlar he does look like Mr Potatohead.
→ The shots of them outside before the helicopter goes over are wonderful, the dust and the gaps in the building behind them. I'm just very pleased by the aesthetic of it all.
→ I don't like Ray starting to withdraw, it's so sad. There's a quote from TWOP about how Ray is morale for the platoon and he gets Walt and Brad out of their funks and then when he's in his no-one can help because there's no Ray for Ray. It's so sad.
→ Oh Sixta! I adore him. It's amazing how one little moment can totally change your perception of a character.
→ Stark also gives good WTF!Face.
→ Jon Huertas has the most adorable smile. As does Stark. I just really enjoy seeing proper smiles on the boys' faces.
→ I love Brad and Evan sniggering away behind Ray in that scene.
→ Doc Bryan is so fierce.
→ I know I've said it before but I really do love this show's use of negative space, and how it makes such good use of the natural swathes of colour.
→ I'm very taken with Brad's hand resting on Poke's shoulder. I think there should be more BFF fic about them. I mean c'mon Brad pulled strings to get Poke assigned with First Recon.
→ Nate just looks so broken now. I've just finished reading One Bullet Away and it's even more depressing how he thought they'd be able to repair the damage they'd done and then they just kept being moved on. If anyone wants to console me with fic, ASkars, Stark or chocolate I wouldn't say no. *sniffs*
→ I freaking LOVE the blue. I don't know why I just utterly adore it.
→ I find it amusing that that is probably the most tame Billy Lush's hair has been in it's life. I <3 his curls.
→ The moment where Ray snaps just kills me. [ profile] thelackoflight has a far far better picspam of it. James Ransone is just fantastic.
→ I also love the use of silhouettes.
→ Why isn't there more Q-Tip/Christeson fic? Either slashy or otherwise.
→ Yeah that's Brad and Nate eyefucking again don't act so surprised!
→ I love the fact that Brad and Ray 'make up' settle back into their momentum in a completely silent fashion. I could write paragraphs on the subject. Urgh they make me ache from adorableness, whether you see it slashily or not.
→ Walt!!!!!!! Pawel needs to do some sort of romantic comedy where he's the adorable best friend that you wind up liking more than the main guy and who has adorable scenes and gets to smile and be goofy in an adorable fashion. It's like the word adorable came into being purely so there was an appropriate word available to described Pawel.
→ And the creepy/depressing ending. It's so phenomenally good.

The following quotation is from Nate's book, it's the last words in the book so if you don't want to be spoiled stop reading now.

I took sixty-five men to war and brought sixty-five home. I gave them everything I had. Together, we passed the test. Fear didn't beat us. I hope life improves for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, but that's not why we did it. We fought for each other.
I am proud.

Credits: screencaps by [ profile] peopleareshapes & [ profile] the_grynne, script from [ profile] oxoniensis

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