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Part four of my Generation Kill picspam. This is episode four, Combat Jack.

Some things:

→ I love that Colbert falls apart so silently (I mean, obviously I don't love that the real Colbert felt like that but from a purely narrative p.o.v it's really great). Seeing the Iceman who is normally so there for his team just close himself off is a far better commentary on the cost of war and what the death of innocent civilians means to the Marines than any hyperbolic philosophic waxing that could've gone on here if it weren't that HBO were so committed to representing the book and these Marines so honestly.
→ Love that camouflage netting shadow on Poke. Why yes Mr Huertas you are looking mighty fine.
→ I love that it's Doc who tells Encino Man that he's incompetent. It means so much coming from him imo.
→ Stark Sands please stop having such gorgeous eyes you make picspamming incredibly distracting!
→ This scene with Captain America in the field broke my heart. He has no fucking clue what he's doing and he's terrified.
→ Love Alex's look here.
→ The real Eric Kocher's smile is so lovely.
→ I still can't make out the tattoo, even after reading the description of it in the book (I think it's the book?)
→ I love that cap/moment with Brad leaning into Trombley he's so fatherly with him.
→ I want some Walt/Brad fic please?! PLEASE?! I can't help it. That cap does things to me.
→ Oh Pawal how are you so adorable?!
→ I know I've mentioned this before but those humvees against the horizon are fucking beautiful!
→ The scene with the girl in the back of the car is probably what was the turning point for me for the series. I'm very anti-war but supportive of the men and women who are just doing their job without any real help from their governments and superiors. However normally when you read about some innocent child being killed in a roadblock like this you, well I did, you just 'blame' the people involved, rather than the people responsible. So this scene really made me think about that and re-evaluate my automatic response to those sorts of incidents. So yeah this was the moment when the show properly captured me because a truly good show should make you rethink things and provoke some sort of response within you. I feel weird speaking about it like this because this isn't some random scene they added and it's not a script as such it's a real event but I find with this show you sort of detach it a little? I can't really explain it.
→ The end of this episode with Teenage Dirtbag and Poke being totally stonyfaced is just so heartbreaking and perfect. On the commentary Simon(?) says he had this in mind for so long and wasn't sure if it would fit and then it worked perfectly and I would indeed agree with that.

Colbert:I liked Pocahontas. Wonderful music.

Episode One - Get Some
Episode Two - The Cradle of Civilization
Episode Three - Screwby

Credits: screencaps by [ profile] peopleareshapes, script from [ profile] oxoniensis

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